PROJECT: Wi-Fi Mesh Product Promotion

Wi-Fi Mesh is a new router series product line of D-Link. The whole project includes:
Poster: 2 versions, one for early stage, the second one for the flagship model.
Flyer:2 A 2 folded flyer.
Show Case: An acrylic showcase contains a backbroad, a flat to place dummy model, a built-in flyer case, and a place for point banner.
Hanging broad: A double size hard broad for ceiling-hanging.
Pop-up card: A graphic peice use at store shelf to enhance the product.
Package KIT: A product set of two, combined with a paper sleeve and a folding paper to stand out.

  • Completed on: From March 2019 to October 2019
  • Role: Project Manager / Planner / Graphic Designer / Web Developer
  • Client: D-Link Corp.

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